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Who Are We

The Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association is an International Association which is open to all Master Masons who enjoy the sport of motorcycling and have a desire to ride with and associate with their fraternal brothers. While we wear identifying patches or regalia, the Widows Sons are not a gang, MC, or 1% Club and are not territorial. We are required to represent the fraternity in a positive light at all times. The Widows Sons serve as a Masonic Booster Club by helping to raise Masonic Awareness while we attend public motorcycling events, and by supporting our Blue Lodges in whatever capacity we are able.

Our Mission

Our goal is to introduce the sport of motorcycling to our Masonic Brothers, Raise Masonic Awareness in the world of sport motorcycling, Contribute to the relief of our Widows & Orphans, Support the Blue Lodge through regular attendance, and assisting with or attending lodge events.

Home Base

* Iowa Grand Chapter - Silversmiths is located at Paul Revere Lodge #638 in Lucas, Iowa.
* Special thanks to Paul Revere members for their support and use of their lodge.

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